“My name is Cindy and I asked Zivile a while back if I could write her a testimonial.  Zivile never took me up on it- so I finally decided to write one anyway.  I never thought I could have a personal trainer as I was really sure what it entailed except for someone telling me what to do and making me give up my sanity. However that is not the case, and it has become a great experience for me.  Zivile doesn’t only train her clients the day you go to meet with her.  In addition to the work out, Zivile  puts an enormous amount of TIME,  thought, care, and lots of compassion into designing the work out to fit all aspects of her clients lifestyle and goals.  She analyzes their diet, their  strength, their weaknesses and puts the trainee together as a whole package.  When I started working out with her I learned about the body, the muscles, the science of strengthening the muscles and how to rest in between.  There is so much to learn about our own bodies and Zivile really teaches as she teaches.  Looking in the mirror now, I am not where I want to be yet but I am slowly getting there.  Zivile helped me not measure myself by the scale, not to guilt myself by eating bad food choices but to make a constant goal everyday to achieve what is really important to me.  Health.  My health is important and go to Zivile two days a week is getting me closer to my dreams. It is a lifelong habit and I’m glad I am on the journey with someone who cares but kicks my butt at the same time!!” - Cindy Capalbo

“I love working out with Zivile because she incorporates all the latest and most effective workout moves into our routine,  I am never bored or stagnant!  She pays attention to your form in everything she has you do, and even explains to you why posture and technique are important in all the moves!  The bottom line is -  I see results fast with her training and enjoy working out with her!” - Shamir Cohen

“I have suffered from lower back pain for over 20 years. I’ve spent many hours at the chiropractor’s , tried Yoga and Pilates mat, even surgery,  but nothing helped long term.  Since working with Z these past few years,  I have been pain free.  She is a no nonsense trainer, with  an extensive knowledge in fitness and nutrition, necessary to train one on one, or in a class environment. My body, and especially my core are strong, and  I have even started running again, something I thought I would never be able to do. Thanks to Z, I am in the best shape of my life.” - Susan Ratcliffe

“Z has been an integral part of our Internal Corporate Wellness program.  She has a real gift with tailoring workouts for groups that are comprised of different fitness levels.  We feel challenged in all the right ways, knowing when you have more to give and challenging you to be your best.  Amazing trainer, loving spirit…a total Rockstar!” ~MINDBODY, Inc.

“My personal wellness/fitness journey really turned a corner when I met Z.  She cleared up my misconceptions on “women’s fitness” and helped me realize what I was doing incorrectly and took me to the next level.  I really enjoy my time with her and I don’t feel like I am “working”.  Love her!” ~Jessica Bailey

“Z is an amazing trainer!!! At a time in my life when I was feeling out of shape and my self esteem was at an all time low, she had a caring and enthusiastic touch to motivate me! She helped me get back to the me I have always wanted to be by pushing me beyond what I thought I could be! Her high energy in Group fitness classes and constant motivation is completely infectious!!! She tailored every workout specifically to my needs and was always there for me whenever I hit a frustrating plateau! Thanks for Changing my life Big Z!!!! You're the best!!!!”- Garrette Leigh

“Z is a true professional. Workouts with her are always challenging . She encourages you and instinctively knows your capabilities. If you want to take your workout to another level, she will definitely do that. Z's excellent skills enable her to work with all ability levels and ages.” - Elaine Donofrio

“I’ve trained with Zivile in both group fitness and personal training settings in addition to featuring her advice weekly on my website. She brings the perfect combination of intensity and realism to both motivate and relate to her clients. She creates individualized programs to cater to real life; change is possible even for us busy people.
Regardless of your particular goal, chances are Z has either experienced it herself or has done the research to get you there. She knows her stuff and is clearly a perfect example of what works as far as working out, diet, and lifestyle.
Not only does Z push for the best results, she sees her clients as people, as whole people. Z emphasizes the importance of health and balance. It’s not just what happens in the weight room, Z knows that it’s how you treat your body elsewhere that make changes happen. Z continues to explore and learn on behalf of her clients and herself, she is constantly incorporating new knowledge, tips, and exercises into her repertoire. In a few short months, I’ve learned A TON from Z…and have even come to enjoy weight-training too!” - Kiley Sabatino

“When I first meet Z, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into!  This girl is amazing and as tough as NAILS!  So, incredibly in control and dedicated to herself, her job and the people she works with, and most important she cares!  Thank you Z, you are helping me become stronger and happier everytime I see you...  :)” - Rebecca Guyer

“Z is an amazing TRX instructor! Her workouts are varied and challenging. She is very attentive to all participants insuring that their form is correct. She modifies moves to compensate for any injuries you may have and for your fitness level.  She is both motivating and encouraging through out her class. I highly recommend taking her TRX class.” - Susan Steckowski

“Z has been my inspiration and guiding light with weight training this past year. After realizing I needed to incorporate weights into my workout routine, I sought out a trainer due to my lack of knowledge, and that is when I met Z. She was and continues to be patient, kind and funny while pushing me to new limits. I have received a true education from Z, such as the importance of using proper form while weight training. Additionally, she has given me a refreshing understanding of how diet and muscle recovery play an important role in weight training. Having Z as a trainer has been a true gift!” - Danielle Hamilton