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I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and an online coach in the Hamptons, NY.

I am a self-starter. I came to this country in my early 20's after I graduated college in my home country Lithuania. Leaving everything behind was not easy. I was missing my family, my homeland, I was missing everything! It was quite a challenge. It was difficult time for me. I threw myself into a completely new environment. New faces, new places, new tastes and smells...Nobody knew me, and I knew nobody. Talking about baby learning how to walk, I was that baby. I had no real understanding what I want to do in this country. Actually, I didn't know what I want to do in life. No mission. No goals. I had no desire to dive into certain fields or industries. Nothing seemed to interest me. I was not sure. Most of the days I felt lost and alone. Those were the Dark Ages of my life.

Thankfully I found the gym. It was the place where I got the peace of mind. It was my therapy. Being at the gym reminded me something. It reminded me my true passion - dancing. I was on the dance floor since I was 4. It’s something that will never change. It’s a part of me. It’s something unexplainably positive, something where I lose track of time, something that makes my soul shine despite any difficulties in life. I can’t say the gym makes me feel the same exact way as dancing does, but it’s something close, something similar, and that’s more than enough to realize that fitness is a part of me. A quite big part of me.

So I got involved in fitness more. I was working out at the gym. I also got a job there. I liked to be there. Being passionate about something felt great. I also saw potential: I could manage the place, I could be a personal trainer, I could lead a group fitness class, I could even build my own facility one day... Well, those were just ideas that got me started. First, I got certified with Les Mills International and started teaching group fitness classes at Hamptons Gym Corp. Then I became personal trainer and nutritionist which allowed me to work one-on-one and design individualized programs. Personal training is  where I invest most of my time and money. I want to be an expert in my field one day. Every day I realize how much I don’t know. But that is what makes me go further, seek more information, look for new training methods, dig into science and research...It’s endless. I love every aspect of it. My goal is to learn at least one new thing everyday so every morning I wake up and I'm a little better, smarter, capable than I was yesterday. My mission is to make a change in one's life so they can make a change in one's life too. I want people in this community, whether they're friends, colleagues, clients, or others, turn to me for health and fitness advice.

I also compete as a Figure athlete which has been an incredible journey, very challenging yet very rewarding since I gain tremendous amount of knowledge about nutrition and training. Someone might see it as an expensive hobby. Yes, it is. But it's also an investment. This sports is closely related to my profession. It helps me when it comes to my clients' nutrition, programming, goals, struggles...I’ve been there, I know how it feels. I know how hard is to gain muscle. I know how hard is to get lean. I know how difficult is to be compliant and patient. And I surely know that sweet feeling after you see the results, after you realize that your training and nutrition program worked. I’m here to make my clients get more of those sweet feelings. Everything is possible. If you want it, you will get it. Just look for right guidance, make a commitment, work on it, and you will get the results you want. 



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